Apologies for the lateness everyone — this show is a doozy. Here on PCA we pride ourselves on trying to make the show as cohesive and amazing as possible, all on a tight budget no time and little money, so when we do game shows like this we get a […]

Pinekast! – Episode # 236: The Great Game Intro Show ...

This week we discuss super powers, go over the latest retro buys and check out the thriving Neo-Geo scene. Ok, we rummage through it’s corpse, but either way join us for a quick show and keep it fantastic! Subscribe To Us On iTunes!

Pinekast! – Episode #235: What Is Your Power and What ...

This week we check out the newest season of Community, look over the DC cover nonsense and break down the walls, man. All the heals are right here. Subscribe To Us On iTunes!

Pinekast! – Episode #234: All The Heals

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This week we play a game Nathan made up about game slogans and it’s actually pretty good, then we argue about books, discuss creating SuperGuns, talk about famous deaths of the week and basically screw around all night — it’s magical! Intro and Outro music is by Robert Parker on […]

Pinekast! – Episode #233: Now You’re Playing With Slogan!

We talk about the Amibo shortage, movies Russ consider movie worthy, and Harrison Ford crashing. Also, I rant about podcast that don’t use a pop screen and people who beg on patreon. Also more comicbook tv talk about the ATOM. We all get excited* about HBO Now and one handed […]

Pinekast 232: Chappleseed

Join us as we break down the secret of gorilla boobs, the fact that ‘Gotham’ actually sucks half the time and the GREATEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME! All that and more on this week’s Pinekast! Subscribe To Us On iTunes!    

Pinekast! – Episode #231 – Gorilla Tits!

This week we mourn the last Parks and Rec, the sad premise of the Joker in Gotham and gasp in awe as Russell summons dark spirits in the howling winds of the North. This and more in this weeks Pinekast! Subscribe To Us On iTunes!

Pinekast! – Episode #230 – One of Us!

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So after driving like a speed demon from LA to LV, I was just barely about to beat Jeremy to the show. This week, Nathan complains about big cities and Russell tells us why he needs to watch 30 plus television shows every week… –Nathan Subscribe To Us On iTunes! […]

Pinekast 229: Back from LA

So the Pinekast is back because Pineconeattack is now active and live. Big thanks to Jeremy for recovering┬áthe site (eventually)… This week’s episode, we wish Russ a Happy Birthday and then go on chatting about TV shows, games and whatever we ramble on and on about. We joke and we […]

Pinekast 228: Happy Birthday Russ!!!