Apr 22

Congratulations Tenno!

mpy2yz1xw7rqcrhl84gaPineconeattack’s own Jeremy Zerfoss has been nominated along side with author Jeff VanderMeer for their work in Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction, for a Hugo Award in the Best Related Work category. It is kind of crazy to see your friend’s name pop up on i09 for a Hugo award.

Congratulations Tenno and I hope you guys win a Hugo for all your hard work and scarafice!


[via i09]

Mar 10

Pinekast! – Episode #195: The Soggy Sandwich


This week we deal with sandwiches, the visit of our Northern friend, ironically predict how late the shows will come out and place blame squarely where it belongs!

Join us as we harsh respective mellows, man.

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Jan 26

Pinekast! – Episode #194: Mustache Mayhem!


After a holiday season that has thrown us completely off track we’re back to posting shows! So join us as we dissect the folly of prostate cancer, mustaches and S.H.I.E.L.D. (plus a bonus section on old skool racism!)

Pineconeattack! IS BACK!

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Jan 08

Obvious Delay on the Pinekast

Pineconeattack-»-Podcast2Sorry Ladies and Gents but as usual with our volunteer crew, we became super busy with family and friends during the holidays that we (again) slacked on the editing process.  We were overcome with Thanksgiving gorging and Yule Time laziness, that Jeremy and I ignored the Pinekast. .


Because sometimes even we need time to play games.  Worry not Pineheads, there are a total of seven (7) shows sitting in the queue and will go live as soon as they get edited.

Hopefully, we will be back on track and restart recording again in 2014.  Cheers, y’all.


Jan 08

A New Vegas Gaming Convention Enters the Arena



I’ve been a terrible writer for PCA and I have fallen out of the scene while also not showing enough love for the hobby that we call blogging, so my apologies. Now that is out of the way…

I stumbled into “A Gamer’s Pardise” last week and found an interesting flier about an all new Gaming Tech Expo that just might replace the Classic Gaming Expo as my favorite local nerd con. With gadgets and gizmos aplenty and cosplayers and gamers galore, I wouldn’t miss this for the word… Except I’m freaking working that weekend. (Nerds.)

With a focus on retro gaming intermixed with modern love and comic books (I love comic books too!  Weird.) this convention is casting a wide net and hopefully be popular enough to come back next year.  Do your part and check it out!

I welcome any Expo that makes it easier for gamers and the likes to join together and mingle, because mingling is fun…

The Expo will be at the Cashman Field on February 1-2 next month at $40 for a two day pass.

PS: Evil Dead Musical will be there and that show is pure awesomesauce.

What is LVL UP EXPO?

what-is-lvl-upWhat is LVL UP EXPO?LVL UP EXPO is a Las Vegas Video Game Convention covering gaming, anime, & comic books. It will be at Cashman Center, Las Vegas, NV, Feb 1-2, 2014.

Our primary focus is to not only explore the gaming technology of today’s generation, but to also be reminded of the influences and impacts of “old-school” gaming that have pushed us as children to make it to the next level.

We hope you join us for a memorable expo, jam packed with tournaments, non-stop events, giveaways, and so much more!


Dec 16

Pinekast! – Episode #193: BRODOWN!


This week it’s just Russell and Jeremy chatting about the Warcraft movie, annoying tank experiences and the magic of cat bones. Join us!

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Nov 26

Pinekast 191: Who is Jen Fisher?


So it’s our belated Halloween episode where we don’t talk about anything Halloween.  Oh well.

There’s plenty of Korra and Turtles talk.


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Nov 22

Pinekast! – Episode #190: Breaking Bald


This week we break down the end of Breaking Bad in our own unique way (pissing and moaning) along with an assortment of other shows, games and nonsense!

So join myself, Russell, Nathan and Adequate Adam for a fun filled romp through our respective ids.

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Nov 21

Kickstarter: FGC: Rise of the Fighting Game Community

Check out Lightspeed Taco’s kickstarter!

Nov 16

Pinekast 188! Out of Order


A crazy show that’s out of order. Dylan, Adam, Nathan, Russ and Jeremy about Pre-Halloween, pre the season finale of Breaking Bad, Game Center CX and more Transformers… It’s madness, madness I say, just very very late.

My Bad.


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