Oct 20

Pineconeattack! Presents Pinekast!: Episode #218 – KORRA! KORRA! KORRA!

feels-good-manThis week we dive into the world of ‘Legend of Korra’, some actual game updates !!!! OMG !!!! and a brief stop in Napland (inhabitants Russ and Adam).

Press ‘Play’ and let’s smash brothers together now!

– Tenno

Oct 18

Pinekast 217: More of the Same & Shit (Whatever)

217We briefly discuss the passing of my Grandma… then we move onto the best tasting vomit. (Yep, that happened within the first 5 mins)

WE discuss Jeremy and Adam’s experience NOT playing “PT” aka “Playable Trailer” on the P4 via Youtube. The Jeremy goes on about “King’s Field” then Russell wakes up. Also, Jeremy and Russell still can’t pronounce HearthStone correctly.

I ramble about my restored XRGB-2 Plus and not a fuck was given. Oh well.

More media talk, Destiny discussion, “New” Mario Kart 8 downloadable content and blah, blah and blah. Just listen to the show. Sheesh… :D


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Intro: “The Earl of Funk (ToeJam & Earl)” by “The OneUps”
Outro: “Communist Jungle (Zangief Stage)” by “Alfh Lyra, Yoko Shimomura”

Oct 16

Pinekast 216: It’s Gots to be Jazz

Adam is calling in from Jackson, TN then completely falls asleep in the middle of the show, I talk about my gaming experience at Bad Beat Brewing inside lovely Henderson, NV, and we have a spoiler talk about the end of Legend of Korra.


At least we were able to get Russ to do a stupid voice, so that’s a win.

Anyways, go discuss the sad Japanese launch of the Xbox One and Nintendo announces the New 3DS. (Eh!?)

Join us today and enjoy a happy fun time show.

Bonus: My niece freaking out Jeremy.


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Intro: “Mega Man 3: (Sea) Snakeman” by “NESkimos”
Break: “Morning Light” by “Joey Carbone & Richie Zito” from the “Project A-Ko OST”
Outro: “Good Bye, Farewell” by “The Vandals”

Oct 16

New Pinekast Coming Soon!

914699_258182341036708_543431734_aHey Pineconeteers!

This is Nathan aka Jangofatt and I’m in Los Angles at the moment, but I’m going to set aside a few hours and get a show or two up this weekend and Tenno has a show as well. So needless to say, there going to be some new shows heading to your feed as soon as tonight! Cheers.


Sep 22

Pinekast 215: Fuck You Russ, It’s Octopode.

pk215This week Russell is a fucking little Diva, I try to get Jeremy to admit that he’s a little racists and I get a little mean with Jeremy because of his social faux pas in London, then Jeremy proceeds to name drop throughout the episode. I try to guess Jeremy’s favorite gaming music and then I refuse to give up the correct way to pronounce 2 or more octopus.
FYI:Two or more Octopus (word origin Greek) is Octopode not Octopi, and two or more Cactus (word orgin Latin) is Cacti. Jeremy also did London wrong… I even talked about the time I was jumped when I was 16. Memories…


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Intro: “Dear Falling Angel’ from “The King Of Soundtracks ’94 – XIII [Disc 2]”
Outro: “The Moon and the Prince” from “Katamari Damacy OST” by “Akitaka Tohyama & Kenji Ninuma”

Sep 08

Pinekast 214: Second to None


Jeremy is still in London but Russ, Adam and I still trekked on with a new show!  Sadly, Jeremy didn’t win the Hugo Award and depending on who you ask here at the Pinekast, that’s the greatest thing for us or possibly, a small tragedy. I’ll let you decide.


Second place is not a defeat. It is a stimulation to get better. It makes you even more determined.
-Carlos Lopes

I went a little too inside baseball on my Sega Genesis region mod (sorry), Shinobi love, more Star Wars talk and X-Men Days of Future Past discussion for this week’s episode of the Pinekast!



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Intro: “Repeated Tragedy (LEVEL5 EX)” composed by “Go Sato & Akira Sato” from “Raiden IV”
Outro: “Tsugihagi Boogie Woogie” by “Ulfuls”

Sep 05

Pinekast 213: We are Groot


Doing our best to not let Robin Williams’ suicide bring us totally down. The Bias Bros argue about Pokemon Green/Blue and Nathan argues that Will Ferrel was never very funny. Jeremy’s freaking out about traveling and Nathan has too many Sega Genesis console he knows what to do with them, plus “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” spoilers talk. The Pinekast is wishing Jeremy good luck on the Hugo while Adam is doing his best to curse Jeremy. You know, the usual shenanigans.

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Intro: “Gateway” by “Seatbelts”
Outro: “I Want You Back” by “Jackson 5″

Sep 03

Pinekast 212: Catching Up!

050309lanpartyI’m getting caught up on the back log guys! Now I’m only one MONTH behind! So for now, enjoy our weekly weather report from over a month ago! Also Zune talk, Halo 1, and ghetto old school multiplayer lan-party memories!

Also: Pinekast best video golf game by Nathan, Russ and Jeremy.


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Intro: “Super Dodge Ball Murder Your Friends Boogie” by “JigginJonT, Mustin, Nate Cloud, posu yan, & zyko”

Outro: “Drippy” from “Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Original Soundtrack”

Sep 01

Pinekast 211: Lego my Lego

PK211This week we talk about video games (retro and modern), books about video games, and Nathan shows some “Legend of Korra” Love… plus “Orange is the New Black” talk… More Pinekast talking about everything, like Lego Batman rocking out. Basically we gush about the Lego Movie. Adam goes on about his love of “Epic Rap Battles.”


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Intro: “Earthbound Bus!” by “Shadow!”
Bonus: “Batman” by “Mark Mothersbaugh”
Outro: “Everything Is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island)” by “Tegan and Sara”

Aug 27

Pinekast 210: REcap

pinekast_logo-nor2This week, Jeremy has Facebook work drama and not a person on the Pinekast gives a damn. Also, Russ was in town and we played hours of online Mass Effect 3. We talked about everything today, even beard care.


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Intro: “Olympics Dome Stage” from : “Project Justice”
Break: “Tube Ride (Double Dragon 1 – Palace)” by “Jake Kaufman”
Outro: “Uotarou Mecha Kasegerussu (BGM Name Entry)” from “Dangun Feveron”

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