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This week is just me and Nate killing time with Kickstarter news, going over the recent House of Wolves for Destiny and bonding with mutual affection for once. Then we talk about the future of the site and the show — spoilers! We’re moving to a new time and place […]

Pinekast! – Episode #242: Blaze Unto The Morn!

This week we cover Shin Megami Tensei for the 3DS, the new Mad Max movie, break down the huge amount of Marvel awesomeness and end with a video game intro game … which is why we’re late because those are a bitch to edit! Eat some green shrooms and join […]

Pinekast! – Episode #241: Vision Quest OST!

This week is Esteban’s first appearance of which I hope there will be many more. You may remember him as LightSpeed Taco back when he use to write for the site.What did we talk about? Spoilers of course. Spoilers for “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.” Spoilers for “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” […]

Pinekast 240: Our Marvelous Spoilerkast!

So I’m back on the show and I briefly discuss my time in Arkansas visiting Art museums and Walmart museum. We talk more DareDevil, funny racism in comics, and our mandatory, contractual, Star Wars talk about the movie trailer and cartoon trailer… & a NEW Quiz!!!! So Subscribe and enjoy! […]

Pinekast 238: Nathan’s Back & Game Quiz!

This week we mourn the (temporary) loss of Nate on the show, cover Daredevil and reference a ton of television crap that I have never seen, plus I played some Neverwinter and nobody else did anything else but watch tv. Then Adam falls down some stairs. Subscribe To Us On […]

Pinekast! – Episode #237: Samurai Ninja Pizza Dinosaurs for Fire ...

Apologies for the lateness everyone — this show is a doozy. Here on PCA we pride ourselves on trying to make the show as cohesive and amazing as possible, all on a tight budget no time and little money, so when we do game shows like this we get a […]

Pinekast! – Episode # 236: The Great Game Intro Show ...

This week we discuss super powers, go over the latest retro buys and check out the thriving Neo-Geo scene. Ok, we rummage through it’s corpse, but either way join us for a quick show and keep it fantastic! Subscribe To Us On iTunes!

Pinekast! – Episode #235: What Is Your Power and What ...

This week we check out the newest season of Community, look over the DC cover nonsense and break down the walls, man. All the heals are right here. Subscribe To Us On iTunes!

Pinekast! – Episode #234: All The Heals