Jun 25

Pinekast 202: Grumble ,Grumble, and More Grumbling.

This week’s episode is all about Tenno and the rest of the Pinekast crew pissing and moaning about shitty American internet, plus more gaming talk. There’s always gaming talk… Also Drunk Russ.

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Intro: Rush’s Freewill by The Section Quartet

Outro: Hello FU Goodbye by dj BC

Jun 23

Pinekast 201: A Show of EPIC Porportions!

So here is another late show from way back in February!

Basically, Harold Ramis died and we were bummed… also video games.

Enjoy! Cheers!!!


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Intro: Ghostbuster Theme by Ray Parker Jr

Outro: Streets of Rage 2 Ending Theme (Reflecting Mix) by Rayza

May 14

Pinekast 200: I Can’t Believe We Made It This Far!?

200_euro_chipsIt’s episode 200.

We could have made this an event but instead it’s just another happy fun time show.

That and we were so disorganized, we did not realize it was the 200th episode.



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May 06

Replacing the Capacitors on the Laseractive Sega PAC


The Pioneer Laseractive is truly the king of retro gaming consoles that has the ability to play Sega Genesis carts, Sega CD’s, Turbo Grafx Hucards, Turbo CD/Super CD’s and of course the laserdisc specific Mega LD discs and LD-ROM2 discs — that is of course – if you have the appropriate gaming PAC to unlock the gaming potential in this monstrosity of a gaming console. The ability to turn this mediocre laserdisc player into a multifunction multimedia powerhouse pivots on the reliability of the Sega and NEC PAC, yet over time even the most expensive gaming hardware falls prey to cheap dried out capacitors that can cause random errors like slow reading discs and games that just no longer work in the player. This isn’t a walk though in PCA’s traditional sense – think of this as a guide. What we will be doing is replacing all of the surface mounted caps on the Sega PAC with conventional electrolytic capacitors. The process of removing the surface mounted caps is truly a pain in the ass and if you mess up and rip out a lead, you will be tracing and rewiring, which isn’t very fun. The key to this project is the read, read  and read. All I did was adapt my photos to Console5′s already detailed wiki page so I strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with your equipment. I consider myself a novice with these kind of repairs and it took me over 8 hours to replace each and every cap on the two boards. This repair job was terribly time consuming and I will never do this again if it can be avoided. I repeat: this projects sucks. Once you have finally gathered enough knowledge and confidence to follow through with this project you will need these tools:


WARNING: Attempt at your own risk! DO NOT ATTEMPT unless you have some technical skills and can follow instructions perfectly. This guide is as simplified as I can make it so if none of my instructions makes any sense then please DO NOT ATTEMPT. This project will void your warranty.

[Pineconeattack! will not take any responsibility if you kill your Sega PAC.]

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May 05

Pinekast 199: Will Blow Yer Mind!


We talk about exploding watermelons and heads as well as going over our Christmas loot plus we go on about Dragon’s Crown…


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Intro: Devil Flare (Knight of Fire) by Yasunori Mitsuda
Break: Yoshi’s Island by XOC
Street Fighter 2 Freestyle Dojo by McVaffe

May 02

Pinekast 198: Jingle Jangle


So what would happen when Adam, Jeremy and Nathan decided not to actually do a Christmas episode or a do an actual show but the record button was still on? THIS EPISODE…

We were all exhausted and sleep deprived which makes for a goofy Pinekast.




Pac Rainbow from PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Original Soundtrack

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Apr 30

Pinekast 197: Pew Pew Pop


Today is a goofy show where everyone is just in a super dooper good mood. It’s a rare time for the Pinekast, where we are mostly known for a pissy attitudes and snarky repartee. Today, we are sort of getting along. Crazy, right?!

We talk about games we’ve been playing and we go on-and-on about more TV we watched for the week of 12-16-2013, like “The Raid” vs “Dredd” and more about Russ’ Thanksgiving visit, plus old ass “Arrow” spoilers about the Flash… Plus “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” and “Legend of Korra” talk.

Four month old tv, yeah, it’s another one of our back logged shows coming to you finally today.



Intro: “I’m All Outta Gum / Grabbag (Duke Nukem)” by Daniel Tidwell
Break: “Zelda 3 AmIEvilDarkworld” by AmIEvil
Outro: “Super Mario USA” by Ambassadors Of Funk Feat. M.C. Mario

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Apr 28

(Fuuuuuck) Technical (God Damn it) Difficulties (again)

317_269_2653So I was on a tear last night editing so many awesome episodes and playing catch up when apparently I borked the server by deleting all of our Pinekast episodes and some other random shit… I don’t know exactly sure what I did, but I’ll take full responsibility.

I just re-uploaded the most recent Pinekast again so that should be working for now but quite frankly, I ‘m not sure what I should be doing because the more I try to fix this thing the more I’m probably fucking shit up.

Tenno was able to talk be down from jump out my windowsill which would had terribly sprained my ankle since I’m living on the first floor, but that’s besides the fucking point! I so wanted to pick up our servers and just chuck it across the street. I guess that’s the high price for having a hobby blog and be all independent and shit. No real fancy tech support and trying to call in favors to have shit fixed on our own. (BTW: Thanks Darren if you read this.)

So the current course as of right this minute is the stay the course. Whatever that means…

If I have to, I will upload all of our old shows back onto the server and get us back to where we were, which is being terribly behind in our show due to life interfering with our show. Who knew life would get all complicated after beating Mike Tyson’s Punch Out? I sure didn’t…


Apr 27

Pinekast 196: Nothing is really going on…

safe_image.phpPlaying major catch up from 12.09.2013…

So here my best attempt to churn out these episodes asap…

This week. Jeremy, Russ, Adam and I talked about Russ’ Thanksgiving (face palm) and we try our best to help Jeremy and the wonky gross apartment. We talk about games like Last of Us, Dragon’s Crown, Puzzles and Dragons, Arkham Origins, Link Between Worlds, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, UWOL, Ninja Turtles Hyperstone Heist, Chase HQ and Salamander collection for the Saturn…

Holy shit, we actually talked about games this week!?

Oh yeah, I finally got to watching Community and Russ and Adam go on about the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles about Mikey’s Shell Acne. Of course we go on and on about the original TMNT movie plus a bunch of other nerd stuff…

But really… Nothing is really going on.

Music: Yellow Magic Orchestra:

Break: Day Tripper
Outro: Absolute Ego Dance



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Apr 22

Congratulations Tenno!

mpy2yz1xw7rqcrhl84gaPineconeattack’s own Jeremy Zerfoss has been nominated along side with author Jeff VanderMeer for their work in Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction, for a Hugo Award in the Best Related Work category. It is kind of crazy to see your friend’s name pop up on i09 for a Hugo award.

Congratulations Tenno and I hope you guys win a Hugo for all your hard work and scarafice!


[via i09]

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