PCB Swapping And Loving it!


Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 12.24.32 AMI got a sweet deal from Windy Gaming the other day; picked up Street Fighter II, Magical Sword, Zelda III, Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2 for the low price of $30. The only cart I already own is Zelda III but I always loved that amazing label on the Super Famicom cart.

I decided to be a good brother and give Decepticreep the Super Famicom cart of Zelda III, but under my condition. I swapped out the PCB and gave him the US cart with the Japanese PCB inside.

I know there might be some hardcore preservationist gamer out there mortified that I did this, but Decepticeep wanted the game, not caring about the language and I wanted the super sweet looking cart. It’s nice to be able to now play my Super Famicom cart in English.

photoAs a little brotherly bonus, I did the same to Star Fox, as I had a spare copy for God knows how long, but only recently purchased a new set of security bits replacing the ones that were stolen from me so many years ago.

Needless to say, I dusted off my old Super Famicom, having another go at Gannon and Andross, and enjoying every minute of it.


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