Production Run has Ended for Neo-Geo X



The one SNK Playmore product that I was most interested in, yet SNKP was somehow able to turn me off due to their product due to the high price tag and supposed dodgy build quality, hasĀ  already ended their production run in Japan. The rom box console console only became available for purchase just last month.


I’m wondering if this just means that Tomo, the manufacture of the Neo-Geo X, will just stop producing the full AES collector set that comes with the power base that plugs the handheld unit into the TV and the almost 1:1 AES joystick to play the Neo-Geo games in console mode.

Who knows?

SNK Playmore said they will still support the console with new SD cards but still no official word on the pricing of these rom cards, which give me less and less reasons to want to own one.


[via Siliconera]

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