Pinekast 156: Do over…


[important]Re-uploaded the fixed show.[/important]

SO this week show was a big goof on my part…

Baldy, Decepticreep, Tenno and I recorded a long 2 hour episode and when we finished, I realized that the record button was flipped off.

Well shoot.

So Tenno and I decided to do a two man show for you the listener and try to recapture that lighting in the bottle or at very least, get a show out to you today.

So without further adieu, here is Pinekast 156.


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Jango believes in the simple rule of gaming: games are meant to be played and enjoyed, not to be placed behind glass only to be to stared at. When he isn't playing old school games, Jango is also the host for the Pinekast in which you will hear his frustrations with his fellow site members. Believe you me, a bad day gaming and recording the Pinekast is always better than a good day at work.

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