Mamma Mia: Pinekast 158!

PK158Tenno is incapable of say ‘All’ correctly, Jango gushes more about Ni No Kuni, Baldy takes Decepticreep under his wings and suggests PC games for DC’s new PC laptop. We then go on about some PS4 rumors, how digital content with physical cases kind of suck and how Baldy’s copy of Super Metroid is broke all to hell…

Eventually we keep going on and on and tangent our way to our guilty pleasure in terrible video game movies.



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Jango believes in the simple rule of gaming: games are meant to be played and enjoyed, not to be placed behind glass only to be to stared at. When he isn't playing old school games, Jango is also the host for the Pinekast in which you will hear his frustrations with his fellow site members. Believe you me, a bad day gaming and recording the Pinekast is always better than a good day at work.

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