Pinekast 162: The Great Disappearing Baldy!

Sorry about the tardiness of this week’s episode. My Macbook developed a weird glitch that wouldn’t allow me to enable WiFi. I got so obsessed going down that rabbit hole, I ran out of time to finish with the show. Ops.

So, after restoring to a previous backup, (thanks time machine) I was able to complete the show for you hearing pleasure and usual, we discussed everything from Jango’s love of bad tv shows, Baldy’s love for a terrible MMO, and Tenno’s love of “decent” video games where we eventually end up on the topic of the origin of PCA.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy Pinekast #162 and may your ear holes ever be pleased.


To Us On

Intro: ??? ???? (CyberSpace) by ???? (Juju Club)
Outtro: ???? (Essay Love) by ???? (Juju Club)