Pinekast! – Episode #163: Revenge of the Tennones!



This week everyone on the show is just a complete asshat.

Plus we go over what games sold us on systems and why that matters.

To Us On

Intro: “Strychnine” The Sonics
Middletro: “Cat Rap”
Endtro: “Balls to the Wall (Pillow Fight Mix)” Puscifer

About Tenno

Tenno is the self proclaimed prankster in the group. All he cares about is playing the next mediocre first person shooter and the next art game to impress his posse. Not all that reliable, but he does makes us smile from time to time, Tenno is a great asset for the Pinekast, where he is one of the hosts, as he usually brings the lolz and terrible opinions about most everything.

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