Famciom Love


I won a couple of auctions over two months ago and I am happy to report that the first one arrived yesterday with no issues. I heard the rattling of 50 carts inside the box of retro gaming awesomeness and it filled me up with excitement.  I felt like a kid again. I picked up my package from my apartment office but had to wait till after I was done with work. The wait was agonizing but my patience was well worth it.

When I got home, I ripped open the package to reveal a cacophony of colors.  I absolutely love the array of colors that random Famicom carts come in; I guess that’s one of the benefits of Japanese software companies having the freedom to produce their own cartridges. The sheer variety in cart designs, color schemes and art work are a few reasons why I enjoy collecting Famicom carts. Much more appealing than big dull grey carts, no?

I quickly organized my carts and tried to figure out how many of these are doubles.  Surprisingly, I only had a handful duplicates which I’ll eventually put them up on eBay or maybe I’ll put up a selling post on PCA.

Anyways, I’m happy to report that my small Famicom collection is officially over 100 carts, but just barely. I am not looking forward to the semi-tedious feat of having to catalog each and every one of these carts, but eventually I will have all of my games organized.

I also want to make a note that I received a hand written letter from the eBay seller japan_taka0310 and I thought that was so classy.  How cool is that? I will say this, I plan on importing from his shop from now on, because I truly value customer service.

I’ll update in the near future when my last package arrived with 100 (mostly doubles) Famicom carts. Maybe I’ll throw in a few for a future contest. Who knows?



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