Microsoft to Reverse Draconian DRM Policies


Microsoft is doing a full reversal on their DRM policies with their upcoming console the Xbox One. Seriously is this a huge victory for the consumers.

So discs will work like they currently do on the 360, which means the disc ‘s will act as the key to allow you to play off the hard drive. The console only needs to be online when you first register the new system but can operate offline if the user chooses. Basically, internet is only required if the game has online mulitplayer, so again, the same as it is currently with the Xbox 360. The news that I’m excited about is the region block has been opened up so importing should be as easy like the PS3.

Now if Microsoft can drop the price $100, we’ll have an interesting console wars on our hands.


(Microsoft to Pull Complete Reversal on Xbox One DRM Policies via Giant Bomb by Patrick Klepek)